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(Sporting) Apparal - Aprons - Caps - Hats - Jackets - Balloons - Banners - Binders - Can and Bottle Openers - Coolers - Lunch Bags - Cups - Glassware - Mugs - Key Chains and Holders - Leather Goods - Portfolio's - Pencils - Pens - Roller Balls - Gel Pens - Rulers - Yard Sticks - Safety Products - Shopping and Handle Bags (Paper and Plastic) and many more.........

This page shows a selection of quality manufacturers and an assortment of their products.

Tshirt/discountattentiongetters.comWhen you click on this picture a catalog will open showing CLOTHING and HEADWEAR options for decoration possibilities. Your Logo and Name can de silkscreened or embroidered on these items.

Contact us for details and possibilities.


norwood/discountattentiongetters.comNorwood is a Preferred Supplier. Recently they were purchased by BIC Graphics USA, making Norwood and BIC Graphics manufacturers that supply many different bic/discountattentiongetters.comitems to the Promotional Marketplace. If you are looking for something special or different, Norwood is the place to find many of these items.


plasticpromo/discountattentiongetters.comTo see a catalog of Plastic Products like Ice Scraper, Pill Boxes, Kitchen Products, Jar Openers, Toothbrushes, Shoehorns and many more products - click on the Plastic Promotions logo. Specials on these items are also included.



 Discount Attention Getters!

Discount Attention Getters!
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